Product Manager

We are looking for a Product Owner with previous experience in remote software product development. is a small remote company that operates a portfolio of web properties and software. From large 100+ client SaaS solutions to small and fun web experiments. We do this with a team of developers, designers and marketing experts. All remote from within the EU.


Our portfolio of web properties and software products are all in a different stage of their business life cycle. From mature to experimental early stage. Our development team's biggest challenge is prioritizing features, bugs, marketing & sales support in a smart way.

Next to that, we enjoy experimenting and trying new things, but this sometimes leads to in-stable releases, or disappointing experiences for our users. By adding a layer of responsibility to coordinate and greenlight releases we want to keep quality stable.


 We are looking for a Product Owner... x
  1. ... who enjoys talking with people, streamline processes. 
  2. ... wants to adopt our products and gets excited to be responsible for the roadmap. 
  3. ... who has a strong affinity with technology. 
  4. ... who bring people together and assist them in their work. 
  5. ... enjoys learning new things: marketing, development, business 
  6. ... experience in remote work and strong in writing and human interaction skills. 
 The job demands 28 hours, lives in the EU timezone, completed a higher education, minimum 6 months commitment. We offer a salary of 3.500 EUR pre-taxes, 1-month trial.  


If you are interested send an email to: hello at with the subject line referring to the job title. Due to high volume responses for remote jobs, we will respond within 2-3 days. Thank you.

Our properties

At we operate the following properties, listed from mature to early stage.