Freelance Content Writer

Candor are looking for an ambitious, experienced freelance content writer who has the potential to help thousands of people earn what they’re worth.You'll love this role if you're curious, resourceful and thoughtful. We will define clear goals together and **you will have 100% autonomy of execution**. We're looking for a **content writer** at the intersection of:- **Highly analytical**: a deep curiosity to find novel insights in data and identify the leverage points of complex systems- **Creative ingenuity**: a storied track record of novel, out-of-the-box creative ideas for content that can impact many others# 💪 Candor helps professionals negotiate their salary — in exchange for a cut of the upsideCompanies negotiate every day, you don't — Candor helps you have an honest chance at getting your worth.As a client, you get:- Investor-grade data- Analytical career tools- Coaching from an expert negotiator**We're on a mission to change how tech professionals are paid.** Clients routinely get $50k+ extra with our help, sometimes even $100k+/yr more — **millions in lifetime earnings**.