Head of Sales

In short: the first major salesman in a profitable startup going upmarket.* 660k users, 15k paying customers* Leads in most Fortune 1000 companies* Never tried to upsell You could work from anywhere, but we require the experience in the US market. # About Icons8Icons8 is a company that produces and sells graphic resources for design:* [Icons](https://icons8.com/icons)* [Photos](https://photos.icons8.com)* [Illustrations](https://icons8.com/ouch)* Software for using all above ([1](https://icons8.com/lunacy), [2](https://icons8.com/app))Icons8 is a reliable brand name in the world of design. Some of our achievements for 2019:* [A prize](https://www.visual1st.biz/awards2019) at the industry conference in San Francisco* ProductHunt #3 product of the year in Artificial Intelligence* Publications in [Vice](https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/mbm3kb/generated-photos-thinks-it-can-solve-diversity-with-100000-fake-ai-faces?fbclid=IwAR1eUYCPu8hQ7A_sAgz_EOFFw4kAMFjguiRxtHPYHWeUpgcHw2iMoSAs9AU), [Verge](https://www.theverge.com/2019/9/20/20875362/100000-fake-ai-photos-stock-photography-royalty-free?fbclid=IwAR04GSt2MI1xJTB8nbW4xwZG8TFyD_g86HUCnvmk7DSEpsWHS0eZaoRadak), and many others.* Our websites are [icons8.com](https://icons8.com) and [generated.photos](https://generated.photos).# LocationAlthough incorporated in the US and having most of our customers from the US, the team is fully remote, working from the US, Argentina, Italy, Russia, and Israel.That's a good thing. If there're people in the office, they tend to treat the remote workers as someone on sick leave. Not us!# GoalWe have been quickly moving upmarket over the last year, with exciting product releases made for professionals, such as API integrations and AI tools. With this in mind, we are interested in expanding our sales reach to include more enterprise customers. We can't help to notice some of our companies need the company-wide licenses for our assets and software.Some of the recent sales that we've closed without any outbound sales process:* Licensing a team subscription to a multi-national consultancy for $7500/year* Selling some of our icons to a well-known design tool for $25,000* Licensing our API for $2500/month to authoring software* Licensing our images for a revenue-sharing generating $4000-8000/month.# OpportunityWe have a large customer base that is currently monetized through individual subscriptions. We have never had a focused sales team or had the chance to upsell current customers. This opportunity is a goldmine for a motivated sales leader!# SourcingWe'll give you our current customers who have a personal subscription. You're supposed to reach them, schedule the demos, and sell the team-wide and company-wide subscriptions. This option is easy to fulfill on our side. Most importantly, it's easy to integrate on the customer's side: all he has to do is to sign a contract.We target the design tools to include our content. With all the investments pouring into great design tools, this is one of few ways to differentiate. Although harder to integrate on the customer's side, but once signed up, it almost certainly stays forever.