Senior QA Automation Engineer

As a Senior QA Automation Engineer involved in testing and validation you are here to push the SUSE Manager product to its limits. In order to deliver a product, which is aligned with our customers' expectations and conforms to the highest level of quality standards, you will assist the SUSE Manager team in identifying problems early. This would require you to write test cases while simultaneously planning, designing, developing and maintaining automation tools with various programming and scripting languages.

As part of a fast-paced agile engineering team you will be testing cutting-edge technology, while it is being integrated into new releases and updates of SUSE Manager. At the same time you will be monitoring new releases and product fixes to ensure that no regressions occur. We would expect you to contribute to the new test strategies and to help broaden the test scope, while improving the efficiency of testing wherever possible so as to reduce the effort.

The product depends on a tightly-controlled continuous integration, which is ever-growing in size and coverage. We would require you to help our own team to maintain the test suite and contribute by providing new test scripts, while supporting engineers in developing their own test cases.

We also need someone who is able to document strategies and test cases clearly and concisely in a way that could be shared and easily communicated across members in the QA and other engineering teams.

Here's how:

  • You will install development releases or updates of the SUSE Manager product either automatically or manually in cloud-based, virtualized or physical environments

  • You will write automated release and testing automation mainly in Ruby and other scripted languages

  • You will improve, design, and maintain core infrastructure pieces for the production-ready Continuous Integration of SUSE Manager

  • You will regularly test software and security updates on older versions of the product as part of the maintenance service, which we provide to our customers

  • You will troubleshoot issues on a number of different test platforms

  • You will perform manual tests in the areas that are not covered yet by automation or too difficult to replicate with a script

  • You will also perform exploratory testing in order to discover new test scope in areas of the product where issues could potentially exist.

About You

Your ability to learn fast and to be able to think on your feet will be key to this role. Still the following is expected from you:

  • You are familiar with Linux environments

  • You have strong programming skills and are passionate about coding (opensource and linux projects big plus).

  • You have testing experience, preferably in an agile environment

  • You are good at spoken and written English

 The following experience would be useful, but not necessary (training can be provided):

  • Close collaboration with Software Engineering teams - in an agile SCRUM or Kanban setup preferably

  • Hands on experience with Public Clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure or others) and/or OpenStack

  • Experience with troubleshooting complex issues in highly automated and distributed environments

  • Experience contributing to open source projects or being an open source maintainer

  • Knowledge of testing automation frameworks and tools (Cucumber and/or openQA are a big plus)

  • At ease with Linux installation and operations on servers... also the year of Linux on the Desktop was a long time ago for you :)

  • Practical experience with Terraform and Salt

  • More generally, understanding of modern software development, Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery, and infrastructure-as-code

 Why work with us:

  • We are a tightly-knitted global team that is passionate about Free, Libre & Open Source Software development

  • We enjoy being successful as a team and consequently foster the SCRUM values, focus, courage, openness, commitment and respect

  • We are flexible on working hours

  • We are an international team spread over several countries and therefore English is the only language requirement. However we do have native French, Spanish, Greek, Czech, German, Italian and Balkan speakers also in our team.

  • We organize regular events to build up relationships and friendship within and across teams. These range from informal meet and drink sessions to themed multi-day events in off-site locations

  • We do regular hackathons and workshops on company, department and team levels

  • Our work environment is fun and creative with massage room, big open community area, games room (eg. table tennis, pinball, table soccer, darts, video games), free flow soft drinks and fresh fruits

  • You get opportunities for travel to conferences around the world

  • You can be part of the global Open Source community!