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AI Training for Ukrainian Writers

Outlier Alexandria, Virginia
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April 6, 2024
Alexandria, Virginia


Are you interested in helping to train AI models to become better writers?

How it works:

  • We have several open projects where we are looking for talented writers to help train generative artificial intelligence models to become better writers.

  • You can work on all of our projects remotely. Hours are flexible, so you can work whenever is best for you.

  • Your earnings from ongoing projects are sent out weekly.

You Will:

  • Work on various writing in Ukrainian projects to train generative AI models.

  • Some examples of projects you might work on:

    • Rank a series of responses that were produced by an AI model.

    • Based on a given topic, write a short story about that topic.

    • Assess whether a piece of text produced by an AI model is factually accurate or not.

Preferred Qualifications:

These are not must-have qualifications! You should apply if you meet any of these (or anything similar you think makes you a good fit).

  • Professional Translator

  • Enrollment or completion of an undergraduate program in a humanities field or field related to writing

  • Enrollment or completion in a graduate program related to creative writing

  • Experience writing professionally (copywriter, journalist, technical writer, editor, etc.)

Earnings & Duration:

  • Earnings:
    • $20 - 22.5 USD / hr

  • Location: Remote (Globally)
    • Preferably USA, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic

  • Duration: Variable depending on project length, flexible hours

This opportunity involves contracting for Smart Ecosystem, Inc.

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