Probation Program Assistant

State of Montana Butte, Montana
probation assistant probation compliance procedures officer monitoring assistance task force assessment tracking dispositions alcohol

  • A criminal background check is required for the successful applicant.
  • An employee new to the Judicial Branch will serve a one-year probationary period.

Nature of Work:

This is initial assessment, community service, probation compliance tracking, restitution monitoring, or youth education work in support of the probation program in a youth probation department.

Work includes performing initial assessments of youth offenders after normal working hours and determines the seriousness of the situation; providing assistance to youth probation officers by following through on probationers who are assigned to community service projects by obtaining sponsors, assigning probationers to projects, and tracking compliance; monitoring and recording the dispositions assigned to youth; monitoring, collecting, and recording restitution owed and paid; providing educational assistance as a mentor or tutor; facilitates or presents drug/alcohol programs, and/or recruits, screens, trains, and works with members of a community task force. Work involves considerable contact with probationers either in person, over the phone, or by mail. Guidelines include district court rules, placement committee guidelines, probation department policies and procedures, school policies and procedures, teacher guides and instructions of certified teachers or administrators, and provisions of the Montana Youth Court Act. Work is evaluated, through discussions and review of reports, for accuracy and completeness of work, adherence to policies and procedures, and effectiveness of program goals.

Essential Functions: (Any one position may not include all the duties listed, nor do the examples cover all the duties which may be performed)
  • Performs initial assessment of offenders taken into custody after normal working hours; determines the seriousness of the situation and contacts appropriate individuals if necessary; tracks juvenile offenders on house arrest or curfew.
  • Develops new community service work sites for individual placement by calling or visiting organizations in the community; organizes and schedules community service projects for those on probation; explains community service requirements to probationers in conjunction with other staff members.
  • Provides direct supervision to those completing community service commitments; maintains records of hours worked; provides activity reports and other information to the probation officer or supervisor.
  • Provides onsite supervision for youth during working hours.
  • Facilitates or presents programs for youth such as an alcohol awareness program; researches topics of discussion and additional resources in order to personalize training to each group; maintains records and databases pertaining to program(s) presented.
  • Provides liaison contact with Compliance Tracker.
  • Recruits, screens, and trains members of the community who serve on task forces; investigates, implements, and evaluates community youth task force and, with the assistance of the community youth task force, identifies appropriate subcommittees.
  • Initiates contact with victims to determine the amount of restitution to be paid; sets up payment schedules with probationer; tracks the amount of restitution owed and paid; contacts probationers about payment problems; initiates the paperwork needed to pay victims.
  • Transports probationers to and from work sites or other facilities.
  • Monitors and records dispositions assigned to youth; contacts youth to urge compliance with provisions of probation; tracks and records compliance or non-compliance; prepares reports on status of compliance and submits to probation officer or supervisor.
  • Provides instruction to youths in a classroom setting to youth on probation in accordance with lesson plans developed by certified teachers; evaluates student progress based on work output, test scores, and classroom observations and behavior; maintains order in the classroom; provides feedback to parents and guardians; prepares reports, educational records and other records required by supervisor.
  • Assists a probation officer with the development of a case plan for youths; provides after-school tutoring to youth and tracks progress.
  • Maintains database dealing with program and/or financial aspects of the assigned program.
  • May provide courtroom testimony when requested.
  • May also prepare legal documents such as petitions, orders, and summons as assigned.

Working Conditions:

Most of the work is performed primarily outside the office environment and involves exposure to normal, everyday risks which require normal safety precautions typical of offices. Employees may be exposed to violent or non-compliant youth or family members. Some positions may involve working with youth in the field in a variety of weather conditions.

Physical Demands:

This position requires activities such as sitting for long periods, standing, bending, stooping, reaching, climbing stairs, lifting, moving, and carrying light to medium objects, operating office equipment. Some positions working the field with youth may need to operate gas or electric powered equipment such as chain saws.


Knowledge, Abilities and Skills:

Knowledge of the general principles of youth probation work and related court procedures.

Knowledge of youth behavior and family dynamics.

Some knowledge of the operation of a personal computer with a word processing application.

Some knowledge of the provisions of the Montana Youth Court Act dealing with probation programs such as community service and restitution.

Ability to read, understand, and apply department probation policies and procedures and provisions of the Montana Youth Court Act pertaining to the job.

Ability to establish and maintain records systems and databases used to track compliance with probation requirements, restitution payments, and other data related to the work.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the youth and their families, school personnel, supervisor, chief probation officer and probation staff, and the public.

Ability to be perceptive, versatile, flexible yet firm and matter of fact when necessary.

Ability to communicate effectively verbally or in writing.

Ability to write clear and concise activity reports.

Ability to deal with upset, angry, and emotionally charged people in a calming manner.

Ability to prepare legal documents such as petitions, orders, and summons if required by the position.

Qualifications: (Any combination of training and work experience which indicates possession of the knowledge, abilities and skills listed above. An example of an acceptable qualification for this position is:)

Graduation from an approved high or vocational school, preferably supplemented by approved college-level course work in the behavioral sciences and experience working with youth.

Licensure and Certification Requirements:

Possession of a valid Montana driver's license; and proof of insurability if using a personal vehicle on State business.

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