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November 27, 2022
Garland, Texas

Brado Senior Qualitative Insight Director consistently and effectively executes projects, often as the Coach (training teammates) or as a solo Strategist. The Senior Qualitative Insight Director frequently acts as an account manager, along with their Client Engagement counterpart, to ensure Brado delivers success on the current project as well as builds a deep, sustaining relationship with the client. They manage and mentor junior Strategists, helping them move from research to strategy. The Senior Qualitative Insight Director trains others on frameworks, constructs, tools, and approaches to deepen Brado's strategic expertise.

Senior Qualitative Insight Director is also responsible for maintaining and improving Brado culture. They should be a role model and available as a mentor or sounding board for anyone in need. They must fully embrace the idea of continuous teaching and learning, taking the time to teach as they operate in daily work.

Senior Qualitative Insight Director should identify and take ownership of specific internal initiatives, which they are expected to commit to on top of their assigned projects. They should also act as the right hand of the VPs, assisting with the management of assigned accounts and/or business unit needs.

Key Areas of Responsibility

The responsibilities of the Senior Qualitative Insight Director are multi-faceted and include overall Brado leadership, project leadership, and client relationship management. A Senior Qualitative Insight Director must be able to successfully lead any Brado project - regardless of process, methodology, or category. They must be outstanding strategic thinkers, writers, and presenters. Their work should always produce results - be it positive client feedback, referrals, repeat business or case studies.

Everything the Senior Qualitative Insight Director does must embody Brado's core positioning of inspiring people, including clients and all internal Brado personnel. They are expected to develop positive relationships with clients and other Brado teams - relationships that continue beyond project timelines.

A Senior Qualitative Insight Director must be able to represent Brado in external facing settings (e.g., conferences, new business presentations or networking events). They should be able to confidently speak at a high level to Brado's processes and methodologies as well as Brado's core positioning of Inspiration, Creative Insight and Alignment.
  • Client Engagement:
    • Commands a confident, captivating, respectful, agile, consultative presence when engaging with the client. Professionally develops rapport and builds empathy for and with the client, leading to long-term relationships. Develops and continually deepens understanding of the client's business and the individual client, asking the right questions, and anticipating their needs. Proactively addresses issues or opportunities in their business, including further research or strategy work. Seen as an expert in the client's category and in research/strategy. Takes primary responsibility for client communications.
  • Project Work:
    • Accountable for ensuring all aspects of the project are delivered on time and against client objectives. Consistently thinks proactively throughout the project to anticipate and quickly address changes to approach, design, objectives, etc.
  • Pre-Fieldwork:
    • Thoughtfully crafts questionnaires / discussion guides that address objectives and fit with participant type.
  • Fieldwork:
    • Effectively moderates 1:1 and group interviews and online engagements. Understands when to deviate from the content or timing of the guide to uncover new or critical emerging learning.
  • Post Fieldwork:
    • Effectively and efficiently analyzes the data and quickly connects the dots, identifying emerging themes and how they connect to the bigger story. Engages client in strategy, to gain buy-in on deliverables. Consistently incorporates strategic elements into the report including the story flow, emerging implications (so-what), and recommendations (now-what). Consistently adds visual elements to communicate the story.
    • Trains others to develop expert qual data gathering and analysis skills.
    • Writes reports succinctly, to the audience, with clarity, conviction, and tension as well as polish and professionalism.
  • Proposals:
    • Fully designs studies and writes proposals. Discerns which tools and methods are truly effective vs. just interesting, recommending unique designs when and where needed. Thoughtfully considers and offers effective alignment between participant type and method designs. Offers consultation and training to more junior Strategists regarding how to design studies based on study objective and participant type.
  • Bachelor's Degree ideally in business, journalism, marketing, economics, social sciences (psychology, anthropology, sociology).
  • 10+ years' experience, following graduation, in a strategy and/or research role. Must have experience in conducting research (qualitative, quantitative or both). (If advanced degree, may be 7-9 years research experience.)
  • Coachable: Demonstrates a willingness and enthusiasm to learn new concepts, approaches, categories, etc. even when they run counter to legacy approaches. Models "coach-ability", demonstrating what it looks like to pivot perspectives and approaches based on the needs of the client, the internal team, and Brado at large. Applies feedback quickly and is willing to acknowledge when gaps remain. Takes responsibility for addressing gaps in knowledge and skills either through actively learning through external or internal sources.
  • Team Player: Models strong teamwork by creating and maintaining a supportive environment, quickly acknowledging clients and team members for their achievements, and taking responsibility for issues that arise. Eagerly takes on Coach/Coached projects as the Coach to help train growing Strategists.
  • Time Sensitive: Demonstrates keen sense of urgency in working against project and deliverable timelines. Accountable to individual timelines as well as the larger team's timelines (ensuring that other members of the team complete their tasks on time and at quality).
  • Individual Contributor: Willingly accepts solo projects especially during times of high demand/low capacity.
  • Aligns with, Models, and Coaches our values: People, Commitment, Aspiration, Trustworthiness & Impact
  • Demonstrates these Brado-wide hard & soft skills: Agile, Bold, Innovative, Curious, Empathetic, Teamwork, Self-starter, Verbal & Written Communication, Creative Thinking
  • Adhere with all Brado and client required training and guidelines for market research and healthcare industry regulations and laws. Specifically (but not limited to) Pharmacovigilance (PV) and Healthcare Providers (HCPs) processes and reporting, Ethics, Confidentiality, Data Privacy / Security and Harassment.

  • Health Care Plan (Medical, Dental & Vision)
  • Retirement Plan (401k, IRA)
  • Life Insurance (Basic, Voluntary & AD&D)
  • Paid Time Off (Vacation, Sick & Public Holidays)
  • Family Leave (Maternity, Paternity)
  • Short Term & Long Term Disability
  • Training & Development
  • Work From Home

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