High School Counselor (Oahu Campus)

Hawaii Technology Academy Waipahu, HI
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Hawaii Technology Academy, a public charter school, seeks a Grade 9-12 School Counselor for our Oahu campus for SY 2022-2023. We seek passionate, empathetic, energetic individuals who love learning and who love collaborating and thinking creatively to support students and colleagues. The School Counselor works as part of the school counseling team, collaborating with the island-specific advisors, assistant directors, special education department and district-level School-Based Behavioral Health team.

School Counselor Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in Counseling, Psychology or Education

  • Genuine conviction that all students can learn and will be an integral part of our institution

  • Experience with SPED, 504 plans and ELL

  • Experience working with at-risk students

  • Enthusiasm for collaborating with other teachers and school administration to best meet student needs

  • Familiarity with the eligibility categories under IDEA (both high- and low-incidence disabilities) and section 504

  • Experience with data collection

  • Experience leading Student Success Teams

  • Knowledge of RTI and the role of interventions within the student support process

  • Experience creating student behavioral and academic support plans that contain objective, measurable goals

  • Committed to working as part of a team to cultivate a positive and healthy school culture

Preferred School Counselor Qualifications:

  • Three or more years experience working at the middle school level or high school level

  • Experience working with ECSSS and the Hawaii Department of Education

  • Hawaii certification in School Counseling

  • Experience with Hawaii alternative education programs, DOE graduation requirements and college and career counseling

  • Knowledge of and experience with Restorative Justice practices

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Manage middle school and high school course plans and credits

  • Coordinate team meetings and transition for high school students interested in pursuing alternative education

  • Develop and implement research-based social emotional learning curriculum through advisory and classroom lessons

  • Personalize students’ learning environment by providing individualized academic, career and social emotional support plans based on student needs

  • Offer counseling groups based on student needs (grief, study skills, organization, anxiety, depression, anger management, etc.)

  • Offer individual counseling for students based upon IEP, 504 or individual student plans.

  • Review school data and assessments to develop academic support plans for students.

  • Coordinate counseling services for students with IEP and 504 plans and document all services delivered in ECSSS

  • Serve as Care Coordinator for 504 students, developing and conducting 504 annual reviews as well as initial 504 evaluations and three-year reevaluations

  • Help guide Advisory group work, which includes frequent, scheduled conversations with students and parents to support student success, health, happiness, and intellectual safety

  • Implement classroom, school, and behavior management strategies and develop Intervention Plans as necessary that address individual student needs and are aligned with individual HTA’s philosophy of Restorative Justice

  • Assist with relevant data collection to monitor behavioral progress for students with emotional behavioral needs

  • Work closely with Student Services Coordinator to participate in core/SST meetings and monitor progress for students that are referred for 504/IDEA evaluations

  • Manage high school course selection and assist with scheduling for new and returning students

  • Design and facilitate learning coach groups based upon community needs

  • Assist with new and returning student orientation, learning coach training and start-of-school-year transition

  • Work closely with the counseling team and school administration to support student needs

  • Solve problems creatively during the school day and adapt as new needs arise

  • Model effective practices and strategies for fellow faculty members

  • Collaborate with local organizations, complex areas and communities to bring in outside expertise to introduce students to real-world issues.

  • Potentially manage school service, independent study and internship programs for high school students

The school counselor is a 12-month HSTA position. Salary is commensurate with experience according to the HSTA salary schedule.

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