Vice Principal (Oahu Campus)

Hawaii Technology Academy Waipahu, HI
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Hawaii Technology Academy, a public charter school, seeks candidates for the position of Oahu Secondary Campus Director for the 2022-2023 school year. In our blended learning environment, the Campus Director collaborates with teachers, students, and parent learning coaches to ensure the implementation of successful academic, behavioral, and social programs within the school. The Campus Director serves as a member of the School Leadership Team, working with the Oahu & Neighbor Island Directors, counselors, Director of School Records, Director of Technology, Director of Pedagogical Practice, Office Managers, and Executive Director to ensure the successful day-to-day operations of the school.

Essential Functions:

  • Assist Executive Director and Oahu Director with general governance and leadership of the school

  • Oversee student discipline

  • Oversee attendance and truancy tracking

  • Be a constant presence to ensure a safe and academically supportive campus environment

  • Communicate with parent learning coaches regarding upcoming events, activities, or school-wide initiatives

  • Facilitate meetings related to parent or student academic, behavioral, or social concerns

  • Work with the counselors and Special Education Department to schedule and hold 504 and IEP meetings and to ensure that such plans are communicated to and initiated by every teacher

  • Set and maintain daily/weekly campus schedules
  • Create and manage school volunteers and HTA Ohana Committee

  • Work with teachers to organize island clubs, community service, internships, and enrichment activities

  • Schedule and hold annual fire-drill/emergency-drill cycle and annual revision of school safety plan

  • Assist test coordinators with scheduling and deployment of state testing and school-wide formative assessments

  • Collaborate with Director of Pedagogical Practice to ensure that teachers and learning coaches are supported throughout implementation of HTA’s Comprehensive School Improvement plan

  • Plan and implement orientation week for teachers and students

  • Work with Director of Technology to ensure successful deployment of school-issued computers and other campus-based technology

  • Work with counselors and Director of Student records to verify that students records are accurate for enrollment, graduation, and/or withdrawal

  • Manage short- and long -term substitutes

  • Assist Director of Pedagogical Practice and Executive Director with annual hiring and evaluation

  • Support new and veteran teachers in their blended-learning practice

  • Assist Executive Director with annual policy review cycle, budget revisions, and professional development system

  • Assist with annual enrollment, branding, and marketing events

  • Contribute to school social media accounts

Minimum Required Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree in School Administration and/or three years of administrative experience

  • Five to seven years of experience as a classroom teacher, including time spent as a teacher leader

  • Experience working with students in at least two division levels (elementary, middle, or high school)

  • Experience developing progressive pedagogy and guiding teachers in their practice

  • Proficiency in Google Docs, Google Apps for Education, and online meeting software

  • Experience with online or blended learning either as student, teacher, or school leader

  • Experience working as a member of a 504, IEP, or student support team

  • Ability to travel including some overnight stays as needed

  • Oahu Secondary Campus Director position is a 10-month HEGA position with the expectation of 15-20 recall days over the course of the school year. Like all state employees, all HTA staff must be fully vaccinated or submit to weekly COVID testing per the Governor’s Proclamation.

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