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What Are the Criteria to Become a Delivery Driver?

February 19, 2023 · 5 min read

A delivery driver is a person who transports goods or packages from one location to another. Delivery drivers are typically employed by companies that provide delivery services, such as shipping and logistics companies, courier services, or food delivery services. Their main responsibility is to safely and efficiently transport packages, goods, or food to the intended destination, often within a specified time frame. Delivery drivers may operate a variety of vehicles depending on the job requirements, including cars, vans, trucks, or motorcycles. Some delivery drivers may also be responsible for collecting payment, obtaining signatures, or providing customer service.

To become a delivery driver, you typically need a valid driver's license and a good driving record. Here are some steps you can take to become a delivery driver:

  1. Meet the basic requirements: To be a delivery driver, you must be at least 18 years old (or 21 years old for some companies), have a valid driver's license, and have a good driving record.
  2. Get a Commercial Driver's License (CDL): If you plan to drive larger vehicles or make commercial deliveries, you may need to obtain a CDL. This requires passing a written knowledge test and a driving skills test.
  3. Gain experience: While some delivery driver jobs don't require previous experience, having experience driving and making deliveries can make you a more attractive candidate. Consider getting a job as a local delivery driver, courier, or food delivery driver to gain experience.
  4. Apply for jobs: Once you meet the basic requirements and have gained some experience, you can start applying for delivery driver jobs. Check job listings on company websites or job search sites such as Tarta.ai.
  5. Prepare for the interview: Be prepared to answer questions about your driving record, availability, and experience. Some companies may require a background check or drug test.
  6. Complete any required training: Some companies may require new drivers to complete training on company policies, safety procedures, and driving techniques.

It's worth noting that requirements to become a delivery driver can vary depending on the type of delivery, the company, and the location. Some companies may also require a certain level of physical fitness or the ability to lift heavy packages.


What online courses can one take to become a Delivery Driver?

There are not many online courses specifically designed to train individuals to become delivery drivers. However, there are some online resources that can help you develop skills that are useful for this type of job. Here are some examples:

  1. Defensive driving courses: Defensive driving courses can help you learn safe driving techniques and strategies for avoiding accidents. This can be especially useful for delivery drivers who spend a lot of time on the road.
  2. Commercial Driver's License (CDL) preparation courses: If you plan to drive larger vehicles or make commercial deliveries, you may need to obtain a CDL. There are online CDL preparation courses that can help you study for the written knowledge test and learn about the requirements for obtaining a CDL.
  3. Customer service courses: Many delivery driver jobs require interacting with customers, either in person or over the phone. Taking an online customer service course can help you develop communication and problem-solving skills that are useful for this type of job.
  4. Time management courses: Delivery drivers often need to manage their time effectively to ensure that packages are delivered on time. Taking an online time management course can help you learn how to prioritize tasks and manage your schedule.

It's important to note that while these courses can be helpful, they may not be a substitute for on-the-job training and experience. If you are interested in becoming a delivery driver, it may be more beneficial to gain experience driving and making deliveries and to learn about the specific policies and procedures of the company you work for.


To become a successful delivery driver, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Be punctual: Deliver packages or goods on time and be reliable in meeting delivery schedules.
  2. Be organized: Plan your routes in advance to ensure timely deliveries, and keep your vehicle clean and organized for efficient loading and unloading of packages.
  3. Communicate effectively: Keep customers informed about the delivery status and any delays that may arise. Respond promptly to any inquiries or concerns from customers.
  4. Practice safe driving: Follow all traffic rules and drive defensively to prevent accidents. Keep the vehicle well-maintained and in good condition.
  5. Develop customer service skills: Be polite, professional, and customer-focused in your interactions with customers. Be proactive in resolving any issues or complaints that may arise.
  6. Be physically fit: Delivery driving can be physically demanding, so maintain good health, and physical fitness levels to perform the job safely and efficiently.
  7. Maintain a positive attitude: Stay positive and motivated, even when facing challenging situations or difficult customers.
  8. Seek feedback: Seek feedback from your supervisor, co-workers, or customers to identify areas for improvement and to continually improve your performance.

Remember that becoming a successful delivery driver takes time and experience, so focus on developing your skills and learning from your experiences to become more efficient and effective on the job.

by Olena Kukhtyk

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