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6 Steps to Become a Maintenance Mechnician: How Long Does It Take?

January 27, 2023 · 3 min read

Becoming a maintenance technician typically requires a combination of education and on-the-job training. Here are some steps you can take to become a maintenance technician:

  1. Get a high school diploma or equivalent: A high school diploma or equivalent is typically the minimum education requirement for becoming a maintenance technician. Some high schools offer vocational or technical programs that can provide a foundation for a career in maintenance.
  2. Gain relevant experience: Some entry-level maintenance technician positions may only require a high school diploma or equivalent, but many employers prefer to hire candidates with some relevant experience. You can gain this experience by working in related fields, such as construction, manufacturing, or facility management.
  3. Get post-secondary education: Some maintenance technicians may choose to pursue post-secondary education to gain a deeper understanding of the technical skills they need to perform their job. This can include vocational programs in fields such as HVAC, electrical, or mechanical systems.
  4. Get on-the-job training: Many maintenance technicians receive on-the-job training from their employer. This training can include learning how to safely and effectively use tools and equipment, as well as learning how to troubleshoot and repair specific types of equipment.
  5. Get certified: Some maintenance technicians choose to become certified in specific areas of maintenance, such as HVAC or electrical systems. Certification can demonstrate a level of expertise and can help improve job prospects and earning potential.
  6. Look for job opportunities and apply: Once you've completed your education and training, you can begin looking for job opportunities as a maintenance technician. You can apply for jobs online, through recruitment agencies or by contacting companies directly.

It's important to note that requirements may vary depending on the type of industry and the specific organization. Some employers may prefer to hire candidates with an associate's degree in a related field, while others may prefer candidates with a specific type of certification.

Below are some approximate time estimates for training to become a maintenance technician:

  • High school diploma or equivalent: This typically takes 4 years to complete.
  • Post-secondary education: Vocational programs and associate's degree in a related field such as industrial maintenance technology can typically be completed in 1-2 years.
  • On-the-job training: The length of on-the-job training can vary depending on the employer and the specific job, but it can take several months to a year to become fully trained.
  • Certification: The length of time it takes to become certified can vary depending on the specific certification and the organization offering it, but it can take several months to a year to complete the certification process.

Note: These are only estimates and the length of time it takes to become a maintenance technician varies based on your specific path and employer. Some people may be able to enter the field with only a high school diploma and on-the-job training, while others may choose to pursue post-secondary education or certification. It's also important to consider that gaining experience in the field will help to improve your skills and increase your chances of getting a better job opportunity.

by Liza Sushko

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