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10 Steps to Becoming a Subway and Streetcar Operator

February 23, 2023 · 3 min read

If you're interested in a career as a subway and streetcar operator, you're likely wondering what steps you need to take to make it happen. While the specific requirements may vary depending on your location and the transit agency you want to work for, there are some general steps you can take to set yourself up for success.

  1. Meet the Basic Qualifications

The first step to becoming a subway and streetcar operator is to meet the basic qualifications. In general, you'll need to be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and have a valid driver's license.

  1. Gain Experience in a Related Field

While not always required, having experience in a related field can be helpful when applying for a subway or streetcar operator position. For example, experience as a bus driver, truck driver, or heavy equipment operator can be relevant.

  1. Research Transit Agencies

There are many transit agencies throughout the world, and each may have different requirements and hiring processes. Research the transit agencies in your area to determine which ones you're interested in and what their specific requirements are.

  1. Apply for an Open Position

When a transit agency has an open position for a subway or streetcar operator, they will typically advertise it on their website or on job search sites. Apply for any open positions that you're qualified for and interested in.

  1. Pass Required Tests

As part of the hiring process, you'll likely need to pass a series of tests to determine your fitness for the job. This can include physical fitness tests, drug tests, and skills tests related to driving and operating a subway or streetcar.

  1. Complete Required Training

Once you've been hired as a subway or streetcar operator, you'll need to complete the required training. This can include classroom training on topics such as safety and regulations, as well as hands-on training on how to operate the specific vehicles you'll be driving.

Tip: Working as a subway or streetcar operator can be challenging, but maintaining a positive attitude can help you stay focused and motivated, even on tough days.

  1. Obtain Necessary Licenses

Depending on your location and the transit agency you work for, you may need to obtain additional licenses or certifications to operate a subway or streetcar. This can include a commercial driver's license or a specific certification for operating transit vehicles.

  1. Pass Background Check

As with many jobs that involve public safety, you'll need to pass a background check to become a subway or streetcar operator. This can include criminal history checks and employment history verification.

  1. Maintain a Clean Driving Record

Once you're working as a subway or streetcar operator, it's important to maintain a clean driving record. This can be a requirement for keeping your job, and it's also important for public safety.

  1. Keep Learning and Improving

Finally, to be a successful subway or streetcar operator, it's important to keep learning and improving. Stay up-to-date on new regulations and technologies, and seek out opportunities for additional training and development.

In conclusion, becoming a subway and streetcar operator can be a rewarding career for those who enjoy driving and working with the public. By following these steps, you can set yourself up for success in this field. Remember to research transit agencies, apply for open positions, pass required tests, complete necessary training, obtain necessary licenses, maintain a clean driving record, and keep learning and improving to excel as a subway and streetcar operator.

by Liza Sushko

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